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Two Production Methods for Potassium Permanganate Activated Alumina
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Normally, there are two methods for manufacturing the KMNO4 activated alumina. One is immersion, another is mixed. Many customers don’t know the difference of these two methods and don’t know which one is better. So today’s news, we will come to the topic “What difference of mixed and immersion type?”

As we all known, the production method is different. The mixed method is mixing the potassium permanganate with AL2O3 and other materials, then rolling the material to ball and burning it. The immersion activated alumina is immersing the activated alumina balls into potassium permanganate liquor for several hours then come out purple balls.

Then you will ask" How to distinguish these two method types?" Here we show the method for you.

Firstly, the immersion type looks more nice and with same color, but mixed alumina balls has white balls in it. Actually, the immersion type is the potassium permanganate liquor crystal on the surface of activated alumina ball. Secondly, when we crush the mixed beads, its inner is purple, but crush the purple immersion alumina beads, its inner is white, not purple. So we can see which effect will be better. That’s why we suggest to choose the mixed type of KMNO4 activated alumina as its effect is better and the lifetime will be longer.

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