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Activated Alumina Defluorinating Agent
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Molecular formula: Al2O3·nH2O  (0<n<3)

Molecular Weight: 101.96 + nH2O

Chemxin activated alumina defluorinating agent has high defluorination capacity, and it is non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, insoluble in water and organic solvents.

Widely used for fluoride removal in high fluoride area, cyclic alkanes defluorinating agent among alkylbenzene production. This product can also be used for dearsenification, wastewater decolorizing, deodorizing, etc.


Activated alumina defluorinating agent is white spherical porous particles, uniform particle size, smooth surface, high mechanical strength, hygroscopicity strong, does not crack and inflate after absorbing water.

Fluorine is one of the trace element necessary for animal and human. Adult normal daily intake should be 2~3 mg, too much or too little can lead to disease, so defluorination is important in drinking water. Activated alumina has good strength, good abrasion resistance, long service life, stable performance, high defluorination capacity, after defluorination the water quality accords with national health standards, so activated alumina is one of the indispensable material in water treatment.

Activated alumina defluorinating agent has amphoteric adsorption properties, by regulating the PH value of aqueous solution, anions in aqueous solution can be detached. Defluorinating equipment is similar to ion exchanger, in order to obtain high defluorination capacity, need to lower PH value, while the PH value is 5.5, activated alumina adsorption rate of fluorine is the largest. In order to meet the quality requirement and control corrosion, PH values should be slightly acidic. Activated alumina defluorination is similar to the anion exchange resin, but the selectivity for fluoride ion is larger than the anion resin.

Smaller particle size can increase specific surface area, make a fully contact between activated alumina and water. For example, commonly used 1-3 mm, 0.4-1.2 mm, their specific surface area are generally more than 320 m2/g. High specific surface area means huge number of micropore, it can ensure a strong adsorption of fluoride ion in water. When raw water PH value and alkalinity is lower, defluorination capacity of activated alumina is higher, fluoride absorption of per cubic meter activated alumina is 6400 grams, fluoride absorption capacity is greater than 4.0mg/g, and the price is lower than synthetic resin. 


Activated Alumina Defluorinating Agent


Activated alumina

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