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Spray Tower
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Today we will introduce the structure of the spray tower.

As a mass transfer device for the two-phase contact member of the air liquid.Packing support plate is installed in the bottom of the packing tower and the packing is placed on the support plate in a random pile.The packing gland is mounted on the top of the packing to prevent the air flow from rising.Spray column spray from the top of the tower is sprayed onto the packing by liquid distributor and flow down the surface of the packing.The gas is fed from the bottom of the tower. After the distribution of the gas distribution device, the liquid will flow upstream through the interstice of the packing layer, and the liquid will be transmitted in close contact with the air liquid on the surface of the packing.When the liquid flows downward along the packing layer, the wall flow phenomenon sometimes occurs, and the wall flow effect causes the distribution of the gas liquid in the packing layer, thus reducing the mass transfer efficiency.Therefore, the packing layer in the spray tower is divided into two sections, and the intermediate redistributing device is set in the middle and sprayed onto the lower layer of filler after redistribution.


Chemxin has many types of random packing and structured packing in defferent materials which can be used for Spray Tower. Such as pall ring, raschig ring, intalox saddles, cascade mini rings, super mini ring, super raschig ring, inner arc ring, hollow floatation ball, trick packs, heilex ring, metal wire gauze structured packing, metal perforated plate corrugated packing etc...


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