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Activated Potassium Permanganate Alumina Ball Application
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The activated potassium permanganate alumina ball is widely used in our daily life. It has has strong oxidizing. We can use it to remove the harmful gas and material for the new house decorate, such as formaldehyde, hydrogen chloride, sulfur oxide, etc. It has the effect of purify air. Potassium permanganate alumina balls in the air can be formaldehyde adsorption into the pores, and break it down, broken down into carbon dioxide and water, and avoid secondary pollution.Therefore, it is a very environment-friendly purifying air product, which can be used as an alternative to activated carbon adsorption granule for removal of formaldehyde.


The activated permanganate alumina ball can also be kept in the refrigerator to deodorize, and can be used to store the fruits and vegetables. After the fruit maturation process, it produces a lot of ethylene, vinyl if not timely volatile out, it's easy to bring itself the threat of storage of fruits and vegetables. Active potassium permanganate alumina balls can absorb ethylene, slow down the ageing process of fruits and vegetables. It has the effect of preservation.


How Perform of Potassium Permanganate Alumina Sphere for as Ethylene Adsorbent


In the field of fruits, vegetables, often use a kind of ethylene adsorbent for its fresh fruit and vegetables, so what is the principle of ethylene adsorbent of fresh-keeping, how to make use of potassium permanganate adsorption of ethylene to fresh alumina ball? Today we're going to break it down in detail.


We all know that fruit and vegetables rise in the post-ripening process and release a lot of ethylene.The more mature fruits and vegetables are released.


What harm does fruit and vegetable release ethylene have to oneself? Ethylene release of fruit and vegetable triggers, green groups etiolation, organize the ripening of the fiber to generate and promote some hidden often metabolites generated, will greatly reduce the quality and storage life of fruits and vegetables and flowers.Therefore, after picking fruits and vegetables, we will use potassium permanganate alumina ball to remove ethylene from fruits and vegetables to protect the fresh fruits and vegetables, and increase the storage life of fruits and vegetables.

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