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Cryogenic air separation nitrogen production
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l) Principle and process cryogenic air separation method in the field of nitrogen is the most traditional, technology is the most mature way. It will be compressed air into the cooling device, make it liquefied, and then into the distillation column, the low-purity oxygen condensate down to produce high-purity nitrogen, and finally into the heat exchanger to bring it close to ambient temperature .


2) Features

Large gas production, gas production up to 1.4 million cubic meters or more per day, high purity nitrogen up to 99.999%, and continuous working is available. But unfavorable factors are also prominent, cryogenic equipment is huge and complex. Covers a large area, not easy to operate and manage, start a long time, high cost of construction projects. Because of too huge equipment to put on the scene of the well, and the liquid nitrogen to be transported to the scene with liquid nitrogen car.


3) Typical process of cryogenic nitrogen production


The entire process consists of air compression and purification, air separation, vaporization of liquid nitrogen.


1.1 air compression and purification


The dust and mechanical impurities in the air is removed by air filters, then flow into the air compressor, compressed to the required pressure, and then into the air cooler to reduce the air temperature. Re-enter the air-dry purifier to remove moisture from the air, carbon dioxide, acetylene and other hydrocarbons.


1.2 air separation


Purified air enters the main heat exchanger in the air separation tower and is cooled to the saturation temperature by the reflux gas (product nitrogen, exhaust gas) and is fed to the bottom of the rectification tower to obtain nitrogen at the top of the tower. Into the condensing evaporator to evaporate while condensing part of the nitrogen sent by the rectifying tower, part of the condensed liquid nitrogen as the rectifying tower reflux liquid, and the other part as the liquid nitrogen product to leave the air separation tower.


Exhaust gas from the condensing evaporator is reheated to about 130K by the main heat exchanger to expand the refrigerant to provide cooling capacity for the air separation tower. A part of the expanded gas is used for regeneration and cooling of the molecular sieve and then discharged through a silencer atmosphere.


1.3 liquid nitrogen vaporization


Liquid nitrogen from the air separation tower into the liquid nitrogen storage tank storage, air separation equipment overhaul, the tank liquid nitrogen into the carburetor is heated, into the product nitrogen pipeline.


Cryogenic nitrogen can be obtained purity 99.999% of nitrogen.

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