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Hollow fiber membrane air separation nitrogen method
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l) Principle

Compressed air then fed through the fiber tube of the hollow fiber membrane separator. The separation driving force is the partial pressure difference of the gas components between the raw material side and the external cavity (permeate side) of the hollow fiber cavity. When the air flow Flow along the cavity surface of the hollow fiber, the components in its partial pressure difference under the impetus to penetrate outside the silk. "Quick gas" such as oxygen H2O permeates rapidly. Therefore, the outer (permeate) gas flow is oxygen-enriched and the pressure is an atmospheric pressure and is discharged to the atmosphere. While those of nitrogen, hydrogen dissolved diffusion rate is low, determines their penetration through the membrane slower, so the tube (non-permeate side) of the gas stream is enriched in nitrogen, nitrogen pressure loss is very small, the pressure of nitrogen product is only slightly lower Raw gas pressure.

2) Features

As the membrane separator principle and structure is simple and reasonable, so than the cryogenic and molecular sieve method has more advantages, in addition to molecular sieve air separation method has the advantages of the membrane method also has the following characteristics:


A. Start quickly: only about 5 minutes from the boot to output nitrogen, and cryogenic method takes more than 6 hours, zeolite takes about 30 minutes.


B. No moving parts: cryogenic and molecular sieve systems have moving parts, and the membrane method is not, without maintenance, high reliability.


C. Mobility: All equipment, instruments can be centrally mounted on a removable frame, high flexibility, on-site nitrogen in a variety of occasions.


3) Typical process

Film air separation nitrogen is the use of air in the oxygen and nitrogen through the hollow fiber membrane permeability at different times, the compressed air into oxygen-rich and nitrogen-rich two streams. Membrane air separation nitrogen device from the membrane separator, air compressor, heater and other components. Specific instructions (nitrogen / oxygen membrane separator schematic). In the air separation process of nitrogen, the hollow fiber membrane separator is the core part of the filter and heating part is to ensure that the feed gas can be clean and constant temperature into the membrane separator to extend the life of the membrane. As can be seen from Figure 2, the left end of the separator is the air inlet. After the gas enters the hollow fiber membrane, the oxygen rapidly permeates through the side ports and the nitrogen continues to flow out of the right end of the separator. In the system, the separator is installed in parallel, the number of separators in parallel can be based on gas production and air compressor displacement and many other factors.

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