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How to dump the wasted molecular sieve
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Note: Protect yourself, protect others. Before dumping the used molecular sieve, thoroughly read and understand the portions of the first and fourth.

In preparing molecular sieve dumping, if using nitrogen purge operation, pouring, maintaining a nitrogen blanket over the container.

Remaining on the sieve of some hazardous substances remain vigilant! Therefore, the molecular sieve left in the container, do not enter the vessel. During pouring, it may release toxic smoke.

Workers must have been with separate breathing apparatus and readily available fire taps.At any time during the dumping process, if the substance started to burn on a molecular sieve or reaction (release

large amounts of heat) to stop dumping. The staff cleared from the scene. Properly trained staff equipped with separate breathing apparatus to return to the scene to stop the reaction and fire. Use

extinguishing faucet flooded molecular sieve outside of the container to prevent the reaction and fire.Contact Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co., LTD for support.

When dealing with fresh molecular sieves and sieve used, it shall not be placed in the mouth, do not allow contact with eyes and skin. Pouring sieve, workers must wear gloves, goggles, dust mask,

safety shoes and full protective clothing.

Top of the molecular sieve bed have generally a stainless steel mesh. Inert pellets placed in the mesh.

To make it easier to pour sieve, sieve to protect the top of the container, the container can be done without entering: Use Harpoon removed refill tool to protect the screen.

The second step, open the pour spout to make the molecular sieve flow out.Once the molecular sieve is no longer automatically out, using rakes, hoes, shovels or vacuum trucks to clear the rest. Never remove the remainder of the container into the sieve.

When you want to discard the used molecular sieve shall be clearly based on the environment in the manner permitted discarded. If you have any questions related to the disposal of the molecular sieve used, please contact the Guangzhou Chemxin Environmental Material Co.,Ltd.

Once cleared all the molecular sieve, ensure that the air in the container is safe to enter. If you've used a nitrogen purge piping shall take it away; then connect a pneumatic machine, so that air is discharged at the bottom of the container bed support under the bed. Air any remaining steam out of the container, away from workers. These vapors may be trapped in the bed by the support layer of molecular sieve ball released.Maintaining pneumatic machine for 24 hours. Never use a plant compressed air purification containers, plant air may be contaminated, or by mistake lead to mixing with other gas sources.

Prohibited from entering the container cleared molecular sieve Security staff in the air in the container to determine safe breathing after receiving formal training,

equipped workers can enter the container inspection support bed. Before entering the container,workers must be connected to the safety rope. Two formal training equipped vessel operating partner standing outside the entrance, to be observed from time to time inside workers. This is the work of the partner through safety rope to prevent workers from falling inside the container stairs and out of the container. If the event of a fall, you can use the safety rope to pull out the inside of the workers.Container into the insulating interlayer, and subject to the relevant training and be particularly careful.

Hydrocarbon vapor may slowly destroy insulation.

Safety precautions dump used molecular sieve

Prevent choking or burning:

1. Before dumping molecular sieve, ensure that the container has been completely purify (see Part III,

p. 17 cleanup information). Absolutely no potentially dangerous substances within the container.

2. When the container also used molecular sieve, not be admitted.

3. It may not be used molecular sieve into the mouth, nor allow contact with eyes and skin.When

dumping molecular sieve must wear goggles, dust mask, gloves, safety shoes and full protective


4. After clearing all the molecular sieves, before entering the container, please:

(a) Nitrogen pipe is disconnected, the bezel in a safe port. All piping connected to the container

must install the bezel.

(b) In the air test container, make sure it is safe to enter. It has been working to ensure the pneumatic

machine. Never use the factory with compressed air cleaning.

(c) Workers into the container must wear a safety rope. The workers are required to wear seat belts

and safety rope to prevent falling out of the container from the stairs. If you do not protect well, which

workers can be safe hove out.

(d) Arrangements for the work of the two formal training partner outside the container. The working

partner must observe workers inside job from time to time. The working partner must control the

safety rope to prevent workers from falling inside and out of the stairs. If you do not protect well,

outside of work can partner with ropes to pull out the inside of the workers.

In short, if we follow the right way to prevent, at work, the molecular sieve can be safe control and

operation. If you have concerns for the safety of molecular sieve adsorption systems, please contact

Guangzhou Chemxin Environmental Material Co.,Ltd

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