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Chemxin Pall Ring And Raschig Ring Difference
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Chemxin Pall Rings is a new manufacturing process invented by the Raschig Ring in the modern industrial production of the filler manufacturer. It is a new process designed on the basis of the raschig ring, although the outer diameter of the ring is also Equal to the height, but on the ring wall, two rows of windows with inner tabs are opened, each window has five tongues, and the tongues are processed at the center of the ring. This design makes the ring wall opening allows the gas and liquid distribution properties to be greatly improved compared to the raschig ring, especially the inner surface area of the ring can be fully utilized.

The geometrical dimensions, void ratio and specific surface area of the pall ring and the raschig ring of the same material, the same size and production process are almost the same, but because the pall ring has many window holes on the ring wall, the gas and liquid in the packed tower can pass freely through the window hole, so the distribution of gas and liquid in the packing layer is greatly improved compared with the raschig ring. In particular, the inner surface of the packing ring is easily wetted by the liquid, so that the inner surface is fully utilized. Therefore, the pall ring of the same material and the same specification not only has a larger passing ability and a lower pressure drop than the raschig ring, but also improves the separation efficiency of the tower and increases the operational flexibility. Generally, under the same pressure drop, the processing capacity of the pall ring is more than 50% higher than that of the raschig ring; at the same processing amount, the pressure drop of the pall ring is only half of that of the raschig ring. As shown in the figure, the relative efficiency of the same material and size of pall ring can be about 30% higher than that of raschig ring, so the performance of pall ring is better than raschig ring of the same size.

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