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45 metric ton molecular sieve order from Middle East customers
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It’s great honour to received 45 tons 3A and 13X molecular sieve order from our esteemed Middle East customers.

Guangzhou Chemxin Environmental Material Co.,Ltd have specialized in molecular sieve over 16 years experience. Molecular sieves are often utilized in the petroleum industry, especially for drying gas streams. For example, in the liquid natural gas (LNG) industry, the water content of the gas needs to be reduced to less than 1 ppmv to prevent blockages caused by ice.

In the laboratory, molecular sieves are used to dry solvent. "Sieves" have proven to be superior to traditional drying techniques, which often employ aggressive desiccants.

Under the term zeolites, molecular sieves are used for a wide range of catalytic applications. They catalyze isomerisationalkylation, and epoxidation, and are used in large scale industrial processes, including hydrocracking and fluid catalytic cracking.

They are also used in the filtration of air supplies for breathing apparatus, for example those used by scuba divers and firefighters. In such applications, air is supplied by an air compressor and is passed through a cartridge filter which, depending on the application, is filled with molecular sieve and/or activated carbon, finally being used to charge breathing air tanks. Such filtration can remove particulates and compressor exhaust products from the breathing air supply.

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