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How to safely use activated alumina?
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Activated alumina is widely used as catalyst and catalyst carrier for chemical reaction.

The safe usage of xintao activated alumina is described as follows:

1. Transportation and loading : during transportation, the activated alumina shall not be towed or dragged by iron hooks. It shall be prevented from being mixed with hard materials, and shall not be strongly vibrated, rubbed, stepped on or smashed.

2. Storage: it should be stored in a cool and dry place to prevent the inner and outer packaging bags from cracking, to prevent moisture exposure and adsorption of other substances in the air, and to affect the use effect. It is strictly prohibited to mix with poisonous and harmful gases or volatile substances and keep away from pollution sources.

3. Water immersion is strictly prohibited: as activated alumina is a porous adsorbent material, it should be absolutely prevented from water immersion in the process of transportation, storage and use. After water immersion, the water fills the active pores and reduces the direct contact between the surface of activated alumina and the gas, seriously affecting the use effect.

4.Prevent tar material: in the process of using, should be prohibited from tar class viscous material into activated alumina bed, lest jam activated alumina pore or cover the surface of the activated alumina, the gas can't contact with activated alumina surface, lose their application effect, such as gas contains such material, should be cleaned before the gas enters the activated alumina bed (had better have decoking equipment) in order to achieve good application effect.

5. Fire prevention: when storing or transporting activated alumina, it can prevent direct contact with the fire source and fire. Activated alumina into oxygen and avoid when regenerative thoroughly, regeneration after have to use steam cooling down to under 800 ℃, otherwise the temperature is high, meet after oxygen flammable.

6. Usage: sift out the particles and dust caused by handling before filling. Then layer upon layer evenly spread, do not pour directly from the feed hole, so as not to make the size of the granule filling uneven, resulting in gas drift, affect the use effect. At the end of filling, the active alumina surface should be blown out before driving, so as to avoid the dust brought into the rear section after driving and affect the normal production.

7. Safety: the wet activated alumina will remove oxygen from the air, and the consumption of oxygen in the safe and closed container will cause a toxic environment. If the workers enter the container containing activated alumina for proper sampling or low-oxygen space operation, they shall comply with the relevant national standards and operating standards.
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