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How activated alumina works
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Activated alumina devices contain a packed bed of activated alumina granules. As water passes through the device, certain contaminants are adsorbed to the activated alumina granules. The effectiveness of activated alumina depends on the chemical form of the contaminant to be removed. For example, under certain circumstances chlorinating the water before activated alumina treatment will convert arsenic into the form most likely to be adsorbed by activated alumina.

The success of activated alumina treatment is pH dependent. In general, the water pH should be less than 8.5. For fluoride, a pH between 5 and 6 is optimum. For arsenic, a pH of 7 is recommended. Pretreatment to reduce pH may be necessary for activated alumina to be effective.

When the untreated water contains suspended solids, pretreatment with a 5-micron cartridgesediment filter is required to prevent clogging of the activated alumina bed. In addition, if iron and manganese are present, their concentrations should be below the EPA Secondary Drinking Water Standards of 0.3 mg/L for iron and 0.05 mg/L for manganese. For learning more details, please conact CHEMXIN at
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