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Baffle defogger application
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When the mist-containing gas flows through the mist eliminator at a constant speed, the mist collides with the corrugated plate and adheres to the surface of the corrugated plate due to the inertial impact of the gas. The diffusion of mist on the surface of the corrugated plate and the gravity sedimentation of the mist cause the droplets to form larger droplets and move forward with the airflow to the turn of the corrugated plate due to the steering centrifugal force and its friction with the corrugated plate, adsorption and The surface tension of the liquid causes the droplets to become larger and larger, and the droplets are separated from the surface of the corrugated plate until the accumulated droplets are so large that their own generated gravity exceeds the combined force of the rising force of the gas and the surface tension of the liquid. The multi-fold structure of the demister corrugated plate increases the chance of the mist being trapped, and the unremoved mist is trapped by the same action at the next turn, thus repeating the action, thereby greatly improving the defogging efficiency. . After the gas passes through the corrugated plate defogger, it is substantially free of mist.


In order to remove mist and entrained liquid phase in the gas, a mist eliminator is generally used in industrial production. The mist eliminator is an indispensable device for gas-liquid separation widely used in industrial production and environmental protection industries. As early as the 1930s, defoggers were invented for industrial production. According to the use or structure of the demister, it can be divided into many types, such as louver separator, gravity sedimentation separator and cyclone separator, but these separators have low separation efficiency and are difficult to separate small particle size mist. Although the wire mesh defogger can separate the general mist, it requires the mist to be clean, the air flow rate is small, the resistance is reduced, the use period is short, and the equipment investment is large. Therefore, the research and production of high-efficiency demisters with high separation efficiency, low resistance drop, high airflow speed and strong anti-blocking function have become an urgent problem to be solved in industrial production.

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