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Advantages of Metal Stepped Rings
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Chemxin Cascade Mini ring has the following advantages:

1. Reduce the pressure drop: the metal step ring has a large gap in the path of the gas-liquid flow, and the flux is large, which can effectively reduce the air pressure drop.

2. Increasing the capacity of the reaction column: The increase in the capacity of the reaction column is the direct cause of the decrease in pressure drop. The metal stepped ring keeps the reaction contact away from the pressure drop contact with the overflow phenomenon, which means that more gas and liquid can be processed and the reactor tower capacity is increased.

3. Enhanced anti-fouling ability: The pointing position of the metal step ring maximizes the gap in the direction of gas-liquid flow, so any solid scale can pass through the packing layer with the gas-liquid flow.

4, improve the reaction efficiency: the metal step ring to ensure that its torus is vertical rather than parallel, this design is more prominent in the mass transfer. Because the efficiency of the reaction depends on the size of the contact surface. The parallel faces are designed so that the inner side of the ring is not in contact with the liquid, resulting in a dry surface. The dry surface hardly works in mass transfer, but the vertical design of the metal step ring greatly reduces the possibility of dry noodles, thus effectively improving efficiency.
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