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Do you know the usage of different types alumina ceramic ball ?
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      With the rapid development of modern industry, higher requirements are placed on the components of some mechanical equipment, considering cost control, product life, accuracy and quality. Chemxin selects the preferred alumina ceramic raw material, using the advanced processing equipment in the market to produce various types of alumina ceramic products. To meet the development needs of the industry.

      Alumina ball has a high hardness and density, the hardness is grade 9, slightly lower than diamond,  bulk density generally is over 3.5 g/cm3, and some up to 4.0 g/cm3. According to the content of Al2O3, Alumina ceramics are classified into 99% , 95%, 90%, 85% , etc. Among them, 99% alumina ceramic materials are used to make high temperature crucible, refractory furnace tube and special wear-resistant materials, such as ceramic bearings and ceramic seals, etc.; 95% alumina ceramics are mainly used as corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant parts.

       They are Widely used in coal-fired power plants, steel, smelting, machinery, coal, mining, chemical, cement and other enterprises, such as coal, conveying systems, milling systems, ash discharge, dust removal systems, etc. According to different needs to choose different types.

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