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Corundum Grinding Ball


Corundum grinding ball with high strength, high density, low wear, full specifications and applicability. Wildly used for ball mill, mixing mill, vibration mill and sanding machines and other equipment, widely used in construction ceramics, sanitary ceramics, alumina, zirconium, kaolin, refractory materials, paints, coatings and other fields.

We have 2 type of production process to meet the customer's request, they are: Isostatic pressing and roll-forming: Isostatic pressing size range: ф40-ф70mm; Roll-forming size range: ф1-ф50mm


Chemical Composition
Model no. Al2Owt% SiO2  wt% Fe2Owt% Bulk Density g/cm3 Attrition wt% Water Absorption wt% Moh's Hardness Scale Crush Strength    Mpa
XT-92 ≥92 ≤5 ≤0.2 3.65 0.1 0.1 9 2000
XT-95 ≥95 ≤3 ≤0.15 3.7 0.1 0.1 9.5 2200

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