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Compact Cordierite Honeycomb Monolith

 Ceramic honeycomb used for RTO application

  Cordierite is a magnesium alumina silicate material, which has very low linear expansion, low coefficient of thermal expansion and excellent resistance to thermal shock. Cordierite also offers an excellent range of mechanical strength, porosity criteria, and excels in cost-effective extruded and dry-pressed forms.

  Cordierite Honeycomb Monoliths are divided into two types: porous type and compact type.

 Chemical composition

SiO2 Al2O3 MgO Fe2O3 Na2O K2O+CaO
48-50% 37-39% 7-9% <1% <1% <2%

 Physical properties

Index Value
Gross density(g/cm3) 2.22-2.45
Average linear expansion(20-1000) (10-6/k-1) <3
Specific heat capacity(KJ/Kg) 850-950
Temperature cycle resistance(K) 250
Max operation Temp.() 1300
Acid resistance(%) >98
Water absorption(Wt%) <3
Open porosity(%) <3
Heat conductivity(W/mk) 1.5-2.5
Mean heat storage capacity(Kwh/m3k) 0.252

 Technical data

Spec. Quantity of channels Wall thickness (mm) Surface area (m2/m3) Free volume (%) Average weight (min.) (kg/m3)
150*150*300 60*60 0.5 1278 64 730
150*150*300 50*50 0.7 1050 58 814
150*150*300 40*40 0.7 883 65 720
150*150*300 33*33 1 700 59 737
150*150*300 25*25 1 573 68 580

 Thermal efficiency

Velocity (M/min) Thermal efficiency Assumptions
Combustion Temp. :816
Inlet Temp. :20
Section Area:7.5 m2
Bed height:1200 mm
Cycle time:180 seconds
50*50 33*33 25*25
60 95.40% 92.40% 91.20%
75 94.60% 91.00% 89.40%
90 93.90% 89.60% 87.60%
105 93.20% 88.40% 85.70%
120 92.60% 87.20% 83.80%
135 92.00% 86.00% 82.00%


 Used in heat storing HTAC to exchange gas and store heat

   Heat storing honeycomb carrier is also called high temperature incendiary heat storing carrier. It is the key and core part of heat storing HTAC. It has been widely used to all kinds of pushing-steel heating furnace, stepping heating furnace, heat treatment furnace, forging furnace, dissolving furnace, steel wrapping/middle wrapping baking apparatus, soaking pit, radiation tap incendiary apparatus, covering furnace, high temperature hot-blast stove in metallurgical machine building and all kinds of ceramic cellar stove, glass cellar stove in building materials, and all kinds of tap heating stove, splitting stove, other industrial stove cellar, too.

   Heat storing HTAC is a new concept incendiary technology. It combines organically recover smoking gas and remaining heat with efficiently burning and reducing discharging Nox, so it can get the double aims of saving energy ultimately and reducing discharging Nox ultimately. The technology characters as follow:

   Smoking gas and remaining heat recovering device is adopted to replace and exchange smoking gas, air and coal gas, so while they pass the heat storing, they can recover ultimately physical heat in high temperature smoking gas and save energy (normally 10%~70%)and improve the efficiency of heat apparatus, and reduce replacing of CO2 (10%~70%).

   By expanding the area of flame burning (almost to the edge of stove) by poor oxygen burning, it can make the temperature in stove even, so Nox in smoking gas reduced above 40%.

   Because the average temperature in stove is raised and heat conduction is improved, heat apparatus in the same size can improve output above 20% and reduce the cost of apparatus.

   Low calorific value fuel can get high stove temperature with high temperature preheats gas or high temperature preheats gas, so it has expanded the low calorific value fuel use range.
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