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White Silica gel
White Silica Gel 
Appearance transparent or translucent glass-like pellet or lump
Application Mainly used for drying water-proof,can also be used as catalyst carriers, adsorbents, separators and variable-pressure adsorbents, etc.
Technical Data
Item Typical values
Adsorption capacity RH=20%,% 11.2
RH=50%,% 29.2
RH=90%,% 37.6
Loss on heating,%  1
thermal conductivity KJ/°c 0.63
average pore diameter nm 2.0-3.0
pore volume ml/g 0.35-0.45
Specific surface area m2/g 650-800
specific heat KJ/kg.°c 0.92
PH value 4
Specific resistance,Ω .cm 5630
Silica %  98.5
ratio of qualified spherical granules,%  90
Bulk density, g/L 784
Sizes:0.5-1.5mm, 0.5-1mm, 2-4mm, 2-5mm, 4-8mm
[Packaging] 15kg per compound bag or 300 kg. Per container bag.
[Note] The moisture content, packing and size may be customized per specific requirements.
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